About iVision

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Lab (iVision) is established under the department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad. iVision hosts a friendly and research intensive environment with a strong workplace culture and brings together researchers across the areas of computer vision, machine learning and signal processing. 

iVision includes highly qualified and experienced faculty members and enthusiastic graduate students pursuing research on fundamental advances in computer vision as well as connecting AI with related areas including document analysis, computational forensics, hyperspectral remote sensing, robotics, medical image analysis and neuroscience. iVision collaborates with public and private sector industries for various socio-economic projects.

Research Areas

Computer Vision
Hyperspectral Image Analysis
Deep Learning
Document Forensic Analysis
Remote Sensing
Medical Image Analysis
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iVision Lab

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science,

Institute of Space Technology,

1, Islamabad Highway,

Islamabad 44000.

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