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Higher Education Commission

  • Content based Information Retrieval from Urdu Document Images using Word Spotting (2016-18) [1.81M PKR]

Defence R&D

  • Deep Learning Based Image Enhancement (2022) [0.1M PKR]

  • Deep Object Concealment in Satellite Images (2020-21) [0.3M PKR]

  • Target and anomaly detection in hyperspectral satellite images (2020-21)  [1.0M PKR]

  • Land cover classification in satellite images (2020-21) [1.0M PKR] 

  • Digital Terrain Mapping + Geo-locating using imaging system (2019-20)  [0.27M PKR]

  • Object Detection in under sampled and blurred images (2019-20)  [0.10M PKR]

  • Vision based Auto landing (2019-20) [0.10M PKR]

  • Automatic Detection and Classification of Aeronautical Objects on Ground using Satellite Imagery (2018-19) [0.664M PKR]

  • Implementation of Image Stabilization Algorithms for Revolving Imaging System (2016-17) [0.20M PKR]

ICT R&D Grass Root Level Initiative

Funding for following projects [0.075M PKR each]:

  • iRobo3, the iRover - with 3D Vision (2014-15)

  • Design and Development of high resolution Imaging Subsystem for ICUBE-1 (2013-14)

  • iRobo2 - With Object detection and tracking (2013-14)

  • iRobo1 - A Robot that can see - With Gesture & Sign Detection (2012-13)

IST Research Fund (BoRM)

  • 3D industrial parts inspection using computer vision (2019-20) [0.7M PKR]

  • Smart City Supporting Applications (2019-20) [0.60M PKR]

  • Analysing Steganography for practical security applications (2014-15) [0.16M PKR]

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