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2nd Summer camp on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics for Minors at iVision Lab

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Advancements in the world of artificial intelligence have grown by leaps and bounds over the last years, transforming from what was originally a sci-fi pipe dream to what may be one of the most important technologies humans have ever invented. What if your code could turn pictures of horses into zebras, tell the difference between cats and dogs, and beat world champions at chess? Step aside sorcery, machine learning is here and performing tasks people used to believe were only possible in fantasy worlds. Dive into this developing field using data sets, probability, statistics and more, with tools like Python (which helps computers emulate the way a brain works) to turn yesterday's dreams into reality.

IST campus is a world-class destination for academics and our Artificial Intelligence specialists have dedicated themselves to providing quality tech education for kids and teenagers in a wide array of professional fields.

Venue: Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad

Event Details:

Duration: 01 Week

Number of sessions: 15

Audience: Students of age 07-15 years (approx)

Fee: PKR 8,000/- (including daily Snacks and kits)

Registration procedure (Deadline: 05th June):

1. Kindly deposit the registration fee to in the bank account mentioned below:

Bank: Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

Account Holder Name: Muhammad Asad

IBAN# PK54HABB0013597901072701

2. Send the receipt to: or whatsapp @ 03065676268

3. Fill the registration form here:

Contact Details:

Engr. Muhammad Asad

Summer Camp Program Coordinator

Lecturer (Computer Science) | Research Fellow (iVision Lab)

Institute of Space Technology,

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